The Association was formed in 1994 by 15 operators when it was identified that our industry should

  • Have a united voice for lobbying Government and other industry groups.
  • Identify Bed and Breakfast and Farmstay establishments operating in our region
  • Develop and adopt uniform standards
  • Develop co-operative marketing for the Association's members products
    - Website
    - Limited advertising
  • Conduct workshops and seminars to increase operators skills and industry knowledge
  • Facilitate member networking and cooperation

Membership is currently 47 Bed and Breakfast or Farmstay operators with members accepted from anywhere north of Rockhampton and to the State border in the west, a vast area of Tropical North Queensland.

The Association Network

  • Queensland Commerce
  • Ravenshoe Visitor Centre (Centre of the Universe)
  • Babinda Information Centre
  • Bed and Breakfast and Farmstay Association Queensland



  • Fire Safety
    Members should seek the guidance of a fire protection company to establish and install adequate fire protection measures. Members to comply with any protection regulations specific to either the B&B Homestay or the Farmstay industry sectors as appropriate.
  • Public Liability Insurance
    Members to maintain public liability insurance of at least five million dollars.
    The Association provides members with a list of B&B "friendly" insurance brokers.
  • Hygiene
    a. Provide and keep clean all linen, towels, crockery and tableware for use by guests.
    b. Maintain the facilities and all rooms used by guests in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Guest Register
    Provide and keep up to date a guest register showing the following particulars -
    a. The name and home address of each guest
    b. The dates upon which each guest commenced and finished living at the premises
  • Guest Rooms
    Guestrooms are to be partitioned, ceiled and have adequate ventilation and lighting appropriate to tropical conditions and designs.
  • Bathrooms
    Establishments must have at least one bathroom and toilet for guests' exclusive use.
  • Advertising
    Members advertising must be a true reflection of the facilities and attractions offered by their establishment.
  • License
    Members are required to be licensed by the appropriate Local Authority [Council] if available/applicable.
  • Cancellation Policy
    All propertys have adopted a Cancellation Policy.  Guests should be advised of the policy when booking their accommodation.


You Receive;

  • Regular industry updates.
  • Members phone list - updated regularly.
  • List of Insurance Brokers who have specific B&B policies and who understand your needs.
  • List of over 40 free to list on web sites which includes sites that charge a maximum of 10% commission on proven bookings but no other charges.  
  • Your property listed on the drop down list on
  • Your property listed on the applicable index page on
  • Your property listed on the printable contact pages on

Dear Prospective Member

Here are some facts and figures you may need before either starting your B&B or joining the Association.

Your first step in considering opening a B&B or Farmstay is to contact the Town Planning Department of your local council - they will advise you of any by-laws and local regulations which may affect your decision.

Average occupancy for B&B and Farmstays in Tropical Far North Queensland is between 14% and 71%, with an overall average of 36%, this percentage average (36%) has been consistent over the past sixteen years.

The address of our Association [members only] Website is The site managers are Red Thirty Two, located at 15 Rowland Terrace, Sadliers Crossing, 4305. Ph: 0401273338 and speak to the manager regarding creating a formatted web page on the site from $220.00]. Linking to your own site via the index pages is included in your first year's membership. Your own site must have clear way to returning or a return button to The code for this link is on this page.

Our application form pages are available as an Adobe Acrobat file for download. You can print the pages and forward it to BBFAFNQ at PO Box 595 RAVENSHOE QLD 4888 with your cheque.

Full beds,

David Nelson, President,
Bed and Breakfast & Farmstay Association of Far North Queensland Inc.
C/- The Pond Cottage B&B
PO Box 595
Ravenshoe Qld 4888 Australia
Phone: + 61 7 4097 7189
Fax: + 61 7 4097 7585
ABN 94 779 587 642

To print a copy of our application for membership,
download the PDF version (13Kb).

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